Religion: A Free Thinker’s Critique – Introduction

The idea of religion is, for many people, a corner stone of their philosophical beliefs. Religions provide answers for many of the major philosophical concerns people have;
Is there a god?
What happens when we die?
What does it mean to be a good person?

In posts pinned to this topic (Religion) I will be sharing my ideas and opinions on the state and value of religion throughout history and weather or not religion deserves the attention we in modern society give it.

I am going to outline my bias’ upfront, so no one can say they weren’t warned!

  • I am not religious
  • I identified as Christian when I was a teenager, but have since discarded the religion
  • I do not believe that god is a big guy upstairs, I don’t believe in a god that is external from the universe (creation if that term must be used) at all. Rather that god is one with, or found within, everything
  • I feel that faith is dumb (will discuss in a later post), anything that requires me to believe something on faith instantly causes me to doubt it. If I can be shown something and I get a sense of logic at EVERY step then I will be more inclined to listen
  • Being a good person does not require a religion
  • Being religious does not make you exempt from being a bad person

Most of my discussions based around religion will be looking at philosophical systems that I am familiar with, namely Christianity and Buddhism at time of writing. This is because I don’t have a good enough knowledge of other religions (in a theological sense) and I don’t want to say stuff without a somewhat decent understanding of their philosophies.

On a final note, an admission of personal weakness;
I know that, when having discussions in real life, I have a tendency group Christians and Christianity with The Church.
This is unfair as I have several close friends who are Christians, and their faith has made them awesome human beings (in saying that they do take a pretty progressive look at Christianity). On the other hand the institution of the Christian church, the Catholic Church in particular, has been possibly the single most repressive force to affect humanity the world has ever seen.
So I wanted to get that out there in case I do seemingly attack Christianity, please know that I am not attacking your faith directly, I am just attacking the institution behind the religion.


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